Bad Ass Babe Society is designed to be a community that unites, empowers, and educates. 
Its an open space to seek support, be inspired, and take action.
Most of us are aware that there needs to be a change, but so often we don’t have an outlet to talk, to influence, to make that change come to life. That is what Bad Ass Babe Society is all about. It’s a demand to face our world, stand up for humanity; it’s a Bad Ass call to action.
Together we take on sexism, racism, pollution, oppression, depression, poverty and so much more.
Women bind together to raise awareness, donations, and to spark change in their local communities while empowering their own lives. This journey we are all taking together is meant to be a learning process, but it is also meant to inspire. Its true, individually you can be a change and make a change in this world; but, imagine if we all stood together, learning, growing, and making an impact. Own your badassery.

Join us on our journey.